nice to stamp you

Nice to stamp you

The stamp is designed based on the stories you told me during the interview session. It means that the resulting stamp design will show your state of mind at the time of the interview.

During the interview, which takes about an hour, you will be looking inside your own heart for things you cherish. I take the images that arose from your stories and express them in one symbol which will be the base for your stamp design. The interview session is thus an important process to extract your essence.

Starting a new life with a partner, welcoming a new family member, taking an adventurous step on a different career path… The stamp is a suitable item for every milestone in your life.

How it works

  1. 1, Make an appointment for the stamp making (interview) session

  2. 2, Go to the interview session
    (also possible via Skype)

    Tip: It is the best that you come totally UNprepared!

  3. 3, Receive the stamp in 2-3weeks

Stamp = Logo?

Can the stamp design be used as a business logo? Yes, of course. But you need professional eyes and skilled hands to make a successful transformation. This is where graphic designing comes in.

For more information about the stamp-to-logo transformation, please visit:


€ 220 (excl. tax)

Inquiry for an interview. (Stamp)

Couple stamp
€ 250 (excl. tax)

Inquiry for an interview. (Couple stamp)

Family stamp
€ 300 (excl. tax)

Inquiry for an interview. (Family stamp)

*The price includes:
An interview session (about 1hour), a stamp, a unique storage box and an inkpad

About Masa

Masaaki Oyamada
Artist / Graphic Designer
B. 1980, Yamanashi, Japan. Masaaki grew up surrounded by nature at the foot of Mount Fuji and studied design in Tokyo. In 2005, he moved to Europe and started working as a graphic designer. His clients include, among others, Royal Philips.

In parallel with his work as a graphic designer, Masaaki also pursues a career as an artist. Since his solo stamp exposition in Rotterdam in 2011, he is actively involved in projects and events such as Live Stamping Performance and Excellent Post with an aim to facilitate and enrich communication between people.

Masaaki greatly values the unique inner nature of every person and is always conscious of his connections to those qualities.


If you are interested in the project, feel free to drop me a line.


Masaaki will be in Japan for few weeks to have exhibition, interview session and talk about the project. Please check if you are around.



• Macocorochaya, Kumamoto – Expo, Talk, Interview Session

• Mitsume, Tokyo – Group Expo, Performance, Interview Session

• Robe, Kumamoto – Talk, Interview Session

• Hajime Gallery, Kumamoto – Expo, Talk, Interview Session


Exibition “AFTERWARDS イメージのその後” 4th July – 9th Aug 2015

Exhibition at MITSUME, Here the images produced by artists take on a further life of their own through…

Exhibition “NEW ARTIST-RUN GALLERY” 16th May – 6th June 2015

Billytown Artist Exhibition guest curated by WALDEN AFFAIRS.

Article “Happinez” International Edition

Interview Masaaki Oyamada about “Nice to stamp you” project extended to international edition.


The project “Nice to stamp you” began with the words of a person who visited my studio. She said: “Each person possesses a unique quality or ‘essence’. If people can express their essences well, they can function better (in the society) and the whole environment would also benefit from it.” As her words started to sink in, an idea rose to my mind: Maybe my stamp making process also helps people better express themselves…

The project was launched in 2012 with the aim to help people express who they really are with their custom-made stamps. I hope my stamp making sessions are helping people to better understand each other’s qualities.